the art of daydreaming

Monday, December 28, 2015


Uncountable times a day I fall into a sleepy state of wandering through imaginated scenes which are all constructed in my fantasy. They are reflecting my deepest wishes, a tale of everything I am longing for. I would float into a different universe where everything felt right. Where the colour of my skin is of no bad interest other than pointing out the beauty of human diversity. Where my parents are freed from their illness, having a bright and long life ahead of them. Where I see someone beautiful while looking into the mirror. Where a ever-loving boy appears to fill me with all the care and respect I have been craving for so long. Yet I am not supposed to dwell in this otherwordly haze for any longer, I realise quickly after reality pulls me back in to the here and now. The blurry vision fades and leaves back a sharpness that cuts my eyes and makes me want to escape again - from the misery that is me to the bliss that is my daydream.

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