About Me

* This photo and the one in the sidebar were shot by Lena Meyer

Who is Regina Leah?
I am glad you found your way into my little world and wish to find out more about me.
My name is Regina, I was born in the beautiful Hamburg in 1995. At the age of fifteen I discovered the possibilities and the power of expressing myself through photography. Ever since my camera has been my companion through the hilly journey that is life. 
Between 2013 and 2014 I spent a year in a college in Tübingen, a pretty university town in the south of Germany, in order to find out what to study. I decided to move to Berlin afterwards to study History and Social Sciences. 
If I don't spend time on university work I love discovering new places, whether by wandering around streets of Berlin I have never seen before or through travelling as much as I can. Compared to other people, I haven't been able to travel in my childhood and teenage. Therefore I am thankful for every journey I could experience recently.

What is this blog about?
My blog is my beloved space to share my photographs, often accompanied by very personal texts or stories that I built in my imagination. Therefore I share many self-portraits as means to convey what I think and feel. I love taking portraits of other people as well.
It is also where I share photos of my journeys and gain a lot of precious feedback and inspiration from so many great people.

My Equipment?
My equipment is small an decent: I use my Canon EOS 1000D and my 50mm f/1.8 all the time. No remote, only my 10-second-time and sometimes a reflector.