Endless depths of azure

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I have been sitting here in front of the glaring light of my computer screen,
trying to find the right words to describe the past three weeks.
I have spent time at the northsea, on a small island of hundredandseventeen souls. During these days I learnt more about my hopes, my faith and myself than I did in the past sixteen years. I've been riding my bike with teary eyes, seeing a blurred vision of hundreds of birds flying across the infinite widths of azure sky. 
And in this very moment I'm sitting here, I know that nobody could ever comprehend how much beauty there is in every little corner of this world without feeling it with every cell of your body and with every inch of your heart.
In the moment I felt the wind touching my skin with tearing eyes, I knew I was infinite, that everybody is.
I spent time sitting near the ocean, listening to the quiet and peaceful melody of nature, asking myself if there might be another soul waiting on the other shore. Hoping for someone to hear their calls, for someone to embrace them with the warming and comforting touch of security.
I wonder if there are other souls reaching for You, into the infinite depths of azure, afraid to grasp at nothing but the cold, remorseless feeling of rejection.
I know I have.

And even before my fingertips could touch any of the keys, I knew that there are things words can't express. So I ask you to take a close look at this picture instead.

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