Open up your heart

Sunday, January 01, 2017

I wish you a great New Year, filled with memories. They may be good or bad but will be an enrichment of your character and strength if you chose to. Remember that everything is a process, sometimes changes might take a lot of time and every day of your life is a step in that journey. Neither does the world change only because some numbers in our calender changed and there are a lot of things happening that are completely out of our control. But there is so much hope in all the people who decide to conquer the world with love, wisdom, faith and understanding. And thanks to everyone who has still stood by my side this year and giving me feedback on my work, much love to you!

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1 thoughts

  1. Dir auch a Happy New Year mit vielen schönen Augenblicken und hoffentlich weiterhin viel Freude am Bloggen!