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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

September 2015. Ghana left me speechless for almost a year. I knew how curious many of you were to hear my stories. Yet half of the time I was not able to put into words what I have experienced there, afraid that the combination of letters couldn't do anything near justice to the emotions I felt throughout these five weeks. The next half of the year the memories had already begun to fade slowly so I felt even more that my words would never be appropriate. But now it's time, since I have collected so many new memories in different journeys throughout the year and since another big journey is right ahead of me. I want to share these memories beforehand. So there I go, releasing the photos letting them speak for themselves.

These were shot at Wli waterfall near Hohoe in the Volta Region. We chose to do the longer hike which was the most exhausting and dangerous thing I have ever done. It was so hot although the sun didn't even whine and we expected rain. Still, my sweat soaked through my clothes. We were rewarded with this upper part of the waterfall in its full beauty and intimacy without the presence of other people other than us.

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7 thoughts

  1. WHOAAA! Was für geniale Bilder!! ♥

  2. WOW! Sprachlos. Ich liebe Wasserfalle. Mehr fällt mir dazu nicht ein. & ich liebe deine Fotos. <3

  3. Wunderschöne Bilder, die Landschäfte sollten so beeindruckend sein, aber auch sehr beruhigend gleichzeitig.Ein Traum :)


  4. i love how intense your pictures are. i don´t know how you manage to put so much emotion in them and yet they seem so pure and clear and honest and i love all this about your photos. thank your for sharing your pictures.

    and i don´t know why i´m writing in english, your text made me do it. hope you don´t mind.
    lots of love to you and may your next trips be as a great experience as this one.
    stay adventurous:)

  5. Das erste Bild hat mich sofort überzeugt! Aber auch die Bilder von dir sind wahnsinnig schön. Ich liebe Wasserfääle und ihre Magie :)