London, three

Saturday, June 04, 2016


Welcome to New Cross! I had to wait here for one hour, standing right by the street. It was perfect to observe people and to get a sense of how this district differs from other parts of London. Here, it was even more international - I didn't believe that was even possible -, the plenty of black people and Afican food shops was so unusual for me to see in a European city. Busses passed every minute or less, there was so much traffic and it was an overall very lively atmosphere. You could also see creative minded students of the Goldsmiths University from afar, shining through there colorful hair or their special style.
We took the Overground, which I preferred to the narrow, low and uncomfortable underground, to the station London Bridge. There was a complete different mood to this part of London. It seemed like there were a lot of different offices so the side streets were crowded with people wearing suits, problably spending their lunch breaks in extremely expensive restaurants. We walked further to the river and already saw the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London from afar. These building were impressive and the view over the Themes standing on the Tower Bridge reminded me a little bit of Hamburg and made me feel at home immediately.
The final stop of my trip was Shoreditch, a very hip - and i guess really gentrified - district in London full of street art, cafés and little shops selling self-made stuff. We walked through the Brick Lane which is a really long street full of art and shops. I wish to get here in the evening again to catch the mood, which I didn't really feel in the daytime. From there I walked back to Liverpool Street, amazed at the huge and architectural divers office buildings. From there, I got my coach back to Stansted Airport and said farewell to this exceptional city.

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6 thoughts

  1. That's a good last day spending in London c:
    I was here last year but I haven't visit this
    Shoreditch place before, but it sure sounds
    like a lovely place ^_^ Xx ICE PANDORA

  2. in London war ich leider noch nie. Richtig tolle Fotos! :)

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Oh wow, das sind wirklich tolle Eindrücke! :)

  4. Ich liebe die Atmosphäre, die du durch deine Fotos vermittelst! Du scheinst echt ein Auge zu haben, für die richtigen Motive ;)
    Eine Frage hätte ich: Es sind einige Fotos von fremden Menschen dabei oder in engeren Räumlichkeiten... Wie gehst du da ran? Ist es dir ziemlich egal, wenn dir andere Leute ob deiner Kamera Blicke zuwerfen? Oder fotografierst du sozusagen 'heimlich'? Mir ist das nämlich meist unangenehm an überfüllten Orten zu fotografieren, obwohl ich so einige Male echt schöne Motive habe verstreichen lassen deswegen...

  5. so eine wunderschöne London Reihe! Ein Freund aus London, den ich in Thailand kennenlernte, empfahl mir auch Brick Lane zu besuchen, habe es aber trotz 5 Tagen in London nicht geschafft - ein guter Grund um wiederzukehren!

    Liebe Grüße
    Jasmin von