changing and healing

Saturday, February 18, 2012

In every moment and in every split-second, the world spins madly on, while we, as a part of the world, keep on moving, growing and changing.
Yet sometimes it seems like I'm drowning in wasted dreams and forgotten memories
while I'm watching everything around me moving on so quickly.
Everyone leaves me behind in order to head towards the depths of uncertainty while I'm standing still.
Alone and not moving, not changing.
In these moments, the world I know is falling apart.
Still, these moments, as painful as they are, will mark my identity and will help me grow. 
Because after the hours of aching, I will soon recognise that this was my own process of changing, of healing.
I want to keep that in mind when everything falls apart.

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13 thoughts

  1. schööön :) besonders die letzten

  2. muss ganz schön kalt gewesen sein, aber was tut man nicht alles für schöne Fotos.
    sehr schöne Arbeit mal wieder, vor allem das Vorletzte gefällt mir

    1. oh ja, als ich zu hause ankam, musste ich mich mit tee und einer wärmflasche wieder aufwärmen, aber das war es mir wert!

  3. Schöner Blog! :*
    Lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen?

  4. The poinsettias add such a nice pop of colour.

  5. i love the first and the last one.
    great job

  6. The third photo from the top is extraordinary, I am in awe... so beautiful!

  7. thank you for your comments. i wish i could someday make such magical pictures like you do.

  8. regina, these are really tender andheartwarmingly beautiful. especially love the one where her skirt is twisting in the wind, and how you meshed it together with the close up of the leaves. and i adore the creamy light that makes the lush field seem coated in snow whiter than white <3

  9. Your art touches me. Seriously.
    Not only your pictures are breathtaking, your writing..ugh. I wish I'd be as talented and beautiful as you are! :)

    1. these words,
      so encouraging, so warm,
      brighten up my day.

  10. This 3rd picture is so beautiful! I really love your blog :)