The girl with the pearl necklace

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Her eyes are as beautiful as pearls reflecting millions of caressing sunrays. 
Her heart is surrounded by the glow of emptiness.
Her view is pointed at the infinite widths of the ocean while her world seems small, so limited.
The warm summerbreeze leaves the taste of disappointment and takes the taste of trust away. The sound of the ocean whispers the calm melody of sadness in her ears.
Glaring sunlight that fullfills the sky, a gleam of hope that cannot reach her eyes.
A kiss, a touch, the scent of love. A scent that cannot leave the feeling of warmth and ease anymore.
Her smile is nothing but a mechanical motion sustaining the surface of pretended joy.
Her tears however, are the the longings of her heart.
A second of feeling alive runs through her veins as the seagulls start calling. A melody of freedom, of ease, the symphony of life.
The chains of force and commitments keep her from flying, from singing the melody of freedom.
A gentle, nearly caressing tear touches her skin and leaves a scar of desperation behind.
And in the very moment of touch the pearl necklace bursts into a thousand pieces.

A day full of heartwarming laughters, warm summerair touching my skin and the calming sound of water with these girls by my side.
Moments that shouldn't be forgotten.

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7 thoughts

  1. You don't know how happy this makes me. Your layout is gorgeous! Welcome to blogspot. :)

  2. What you are doing is simply wonderful, awesome and completely touching.

  3. Hi Regina, we couldn´t help to include one of the photographs in this series in a inspiration recopilation we did called "Girls & Bokeh" for de Fotógrafos y Fotos. Here is the link if you want to check it ( Have a good day!

  4. Hey Jonathan!
    So first of all thank you for letting me know that you used my photo. The pictures are all beautiful and thank you for including mine.

  5. Replies
    1. Ah yes, of course! Such spelling mistakes are annoying but thanks for correcting me. :)